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Customized M2M Solutions

The true potential behind IoT software solutions is limitless. They can connect any asset, from a house or car to industrial machinery, and sync the IoT data with applications, cloud services, or ERPs. They enable businesses to track production efficiency, monitor energy usage, notify teams of scheduled maintenance, and more. We deliver M2M solutions and IoT software to help you effectively manage devices and assets, reduce the chance of human error, and find new revenue streams.

Why to customize?

General equipment management platform is difficult to fully meet the needs of the enterprise’s personalized management and equipment diversity.


Our end-to-end solution can be fully integrated into your existing infrastructure. It accommodates all types of network connectivity, including USSD (SS7), SMS, and Web gateways - all in real-time.


Our team has accumulated a wide range of experience in IoT projects. We can see which direction to go early on and lead the project confidently in the right direction.


B/S architecture, support PC, mobile phone, tablet, and other terminal access. Easy-to-use management tools and reporting capabilities with Support for Android, and IOS systems.


Fully compatible with industry differences, management differences, equipment differences, protocol differences, brand image differences, achieving things and things, and human-machine interaction.


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Expert of Your Software Programming

The Best Tech Solutions for Our Customers.

Curtrack is a provider of IT consulting and software development services. We have helped organizations and companies improve business performance & enhance their competitiveness.

What We’re Offering

Our IoT and M2M Expertise

We provides end-to-end IoT security services connecting devices to a private network as well as public or private cloud solutions.

We offer full-cycle software development services that meet varied business requirements to help improve the business performance of enterprises.

Perfect solutions that business demands

Perfect solutions that business demands

Providing excellent technology solutions

Providing excellent technology solutions

We eagerly put in use new IT innovations

We eagerly put in use new IT innovations