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M2M Solutions

Machine-to-machine or M2M refers to technologies making communication between industrial machinery, sensors, assets and us humans possible. Communications are made possible using an intelligent device embedded within a machine which can capture data and transmit it wirelessly (or wired).

Our Solutions

Asset Management

The move to continuous condition monitoring of critical assets has allowed businesses to safely move away from scheduled maintenance to more efficient prioritisation of resources. For this to be safe and effective asset management systems need to have simple, highly available network connectivity.

Hoists & Elevators

Our Hoist & Elevator solutions fulfil the requirements of accurately reporting operating hours, preventative and predictive maintenance. They offer up to the minute usage for rental & temporary deployments. Multiple sensor inputs allow for instant notifications when troubles arise. Remote program-ability reduces the number of on-site visits.

Fleet Management

You won’t need any specialized tracking system for company vehicles , you can keep a close eye on your fleet in a few simple clicks. Manage everything through our user friendly administrative system fuel log entries, costs and many other features necessary for the management of your company’s vehicles.

Generator Monitoring

Monitor transfer switch, line power status, generator power status, battery voltage, door sensor, frequency. In addition, monitor generator’s engine block, coolant, and ambient temperatures. Remotely start and stop generator and schedule exercise times.

GPS Tracking

Our System enables and empowers you with GPS tracking. With this, you’ll be able to reduce your costs, improve your efficiency and optimise your fleet’s productivity. We helps you stay on top of vehicle locations, fuel management and vehicle maintenance to ensure smooth fleet operations.

Heavy Equipment

Whether you are producing parts, systems, and/or heavy equipment, you can use robotics for heavy material handling and operator-assist devices for transporting engines, wheels, and parts across warehouses, reducing the risk of injury to employees.

Industrial Monitoring

Industrial monitoring systems play a crucial role in identifying potential safety hazards before they escalate into critical incidents. With real-time data collection and analysis, these systems offer early warning signs, allowing businesses to take prompt corrective actions.


Our Manufacturing solutions enable companies to maximize their production by monitoring multiple data points as well as integrating operator feedback to provide full visibility to the entire workflow. Reduced TAKT time, down time, reject ratio and increased OEE is achieved by implementing visual management.


M2M/IOT solutions come in all shapes and sizes, where there is no “one size fits all” any more. Let our team of experts create a customized solution that meets your requirements. From a single input sensor on 1 switch to 1024 inputs/128 outputs on a vast network of machines located in different parts of the world we have you connected.


Our network solutions allow for remote connectivity into PLC’s using either Ethernet or RS232/485. This allows for controlling any type of device, including upgrading firmware’s & doing software updates. Features such as dual network and VPN connectivity assure both security and reliability.

Remote Communication & Control

Our Remote Control solutions allows for wireless bi-directional communications of GPIO, Audio/Video & Telemetry. From a remote HD camera solution that monitors the level of water or remote concierge that provide entry into a garage to Live Broadcasting of an event streamed to 10,000 viewers.

Time & Attendance

Our remote Time & Attendance solution allows you to be notified when employees arrive and depart from specific locations as well as accumulate their hours for payroll. By having a live system that is available to the minute administration personnel can quickly view which employees are at which location. Reports can be emailed automatically based on a predefined schedule.

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At Curtrack B.V., we specialize in delivering cutting-edge IT consulting and software development services. Our core offering includes a robust GPS tracking system designed to secure and protect our clients’ valuable assets. With a wealth of experience, we have successfully assisted both IT and non-IT organizations in enhancing their business performance.

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IT Consulting: Our expert team provides strategic IT consulting services to align technology solutions with business goals, driving growth and efficiency.

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